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Financial Planning

A financial plan is the road map for your financial life.

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Tax planning is not a device to reduce tax burden.

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We all have objectives we want to achieve in life,

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Child Education

All parents dream of fulfilling all the requirements and desires of their kids.

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Retirement Planning

With retirement not far around the corner, your needs will be rapidly changing.

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Life is full of unexpected expenses. Further, there are dreams and goals that one wants to realize

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We are dealing in financial products for the last 15 years, working full time with all financial products.i.e. life insurance, general insurance, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, post office, RBI bonds etc.

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We are WISE ADVISE INVESTMENT & INSURANCE CONSULTANTS, we make “Investment” a wise choice by efficient “Tax planning” and building a “Portfolio”, which fulfills your financial goals.


A Mutual Fund is a body corporate that pools the savings of a number of investors and invests the same in a variety of different financial instruments, or securities. The income earned through these investments and the capital appreciation realised by the scheme are shared by its unit holders in proportion to the number of units owned by them. Mutual funds can thus be considered as financial intermediaries in the investment business who collect funds from the public and invest on behalf of the investors. The losses and gains accrue to the investors only. The Investment objectives outlined by a Mutual Fund in its prospectus are binding on the Mutual Fund scheme. The investment objectives specify the class of securities a Mutual Fund can invest in. Mutual Funds invest in various asset classes like equity, bonds, debentures, commercial paper and government securities.

An Asset Management Company (AMC) is a highly regulated organization that pools money from investors and invests the same in a portfolio. They charge a small management fee, which is normally 1.5 per cent of the total funds managed.

Earning an income allows you and your family to do many things. It pays for your mortgage, buys cars, food, clothing, vacations and many other luxuries that you and your family enjoy. However, certain situations can cause you to lose your income, and those who depend on you also depend on your income. If any of the following statements about you and your family are true, then it is probably a good idea for you to consider life insurance.

1) You are married and have a spouse.

2) You have children who are dependent on you.

3) You have a parent or relative who is aging, or disable and depends on you.

4) You have a loved one in your life that you wish to provide for.

5) Your 401K retirement plan, pension and savings arent enough to insure your loved ones future.

What Are My Life Insurance Options

There are four basic types of life insurance that can meet you and your familys needs:

This is the least expensive type of life insurance coverage, and at least at the beginning, the simplest. Term life insurance policies do not accrue cash value, and are fixed over an extended period of time - usually one to 0 years, and they can be renewed. This life insurance policy pays the beneficiary of your policy a fixed amount in the even that you die in the period of time that your policy includes. The premiums of term life insurance are lowest when you are young and increase as you get older

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Insurance Guidance

Risk Profiling of the Investor before proposing any investment product to him

At the very heart of Investment Management for a private client lies their risk profiling. Profiling is an umbrella term...
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Heath Insurance

3 Reasons to buy individual health insurance plan despite having corporate health insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has given a boost to an already accelerating healthcare inflation rate in India. Understandably, individuals are inclined...
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