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Miss. Bhavna Ragasnia

Mutual Fund & Equity Business (Operations work office coordinator) 

I am a cool-minded person having some great skills in singing. I love reading which delivers creative ideas to me regarding my job and my life too. I am a nature-loving person.

Miss. Pooja Kaur

Life Insurance Business  (Operation work office coordinator)

I like to talk & meet with a different personality, this feature helps to face challenging work to do.  I also like to visit different places & Love to know about our Indian culture.

Miss. Simran Kaur

General Insurance Business (Operation Work Office Coordinator)

I am peace-minded and active in my work which helps me to learn new things this skill encourages me to move forward professionally and personally too  I am a nature-loving person and believe in God with respect to all religions.

Mrs. Jyoti

Sr. Operation Manager  (SME, GHI, Insurance, and Investment office coordinator)

I have a very calm personality having the skills to handle hard situations peacefully I like my job as it grows my experience professionally and personally too. I love my family mostly my daughter as she is my strength, and her smile courage me for being a good mother and working woman as well.

Mr. Surender Kumar

Office Field Executive

I have a cool and calm personality which helps me to do any work with a whole deep heart which courage me to move forward efficiently in any stream, also I got great experiences while working with different people.

Mr. Sunny Chauhan

Front office Executive

I am a peace-minded person having good skills in dancing. I like to visit different places and keep groom myself as per the new trend, this personality courage I live my life with whole my heart.

Mr. Ajay Chanyal

Loan’s backend process coordinator

I am a mountain man from Uttarakhand. A person with great enthusiasm towards my goals. I love nature which makes me feel connected to my surroundings. I Love listening to music. I’m responsible and determined about my job.

Mr. Hemant Kumar

Sales Executive-Loans Business

I am a calm-minded person having some great tolerance skills. I love playing cricket which makes me feel joyful. I love interacting with people who deliver creative and different ideas regarding my daily life. I am accountable and faithful towards my job.

Mr. Parvesh Anand

Sr. Manager (Loans-Head of Department)

I am an ex-banker Having Experience of more than 21 years. I love long drives listening to soothing music & an adventurous person who loves cooking. I even love experimenting with different things. I have always been a great competitor in all the fields I have worked in. I am compassionate and ambitious towards the work I do.